Barrier Boosting Bundle

Barrier Boosting Bundle

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Our Barrier Boosting Bundle features three products that work together to restore your skin’s moisture barrier with key ingredients such as Himalayan Active Water, Chamomile, and Cucumber Extract. 

When your skin barrier has been compromised, you may start to experience increased sensitivity, breakouts and irritation. That’s where our Barrier Boosting Bundle comes in - proven to boost skin hydration, calm redness and sensitivity and nurse your barrier back to health. 

In the bundle:

  • Rescue Revive Sheet Mask - worth £5
  • Refreshing Toner - worth £15
  • Brightening Cream - worth £12


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    Protect Your Skin Barrier

    Keeping your skin barrier strong and healthy is the KEY to great skin. It serves as a protective shield that keeps all the bad stuff from entering (e.g. pollution) and all the good stuff from leaving (e.g. moisture).

    All our products are powered by Himalayan Active Water. Naturally filtered through 26,000 ft and with a cycle of 10 years until it reaches the foothills, it collects 3 essential minerals: Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

    These minerals have been clinically proven to boost epidermal skin cell renewal process through Keratin Regeneration, resulting in a stronger skin barrier - the secret to all healthy skin.

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