Combination skin

SKIN PURIFYING  KIT - Herbal Essentials SkincareSKIN PURIFYING  KIT - Herbal Essentials Skincare
RADIANCE BOOST KIT - Herbal Essentials SkincareRADIANCE BOOST KIT - Herbal Essentials Skincare
THIRSTY SKIN KIT - Herbal Essentials SkincareTHIRSTY SKIN KIT - Herbal Essentials Skincare
THE CLEAN START KIT - Herbal Essentials SkincareTHE CLEAN START KIT - Herbal Essentials Skincare
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30ml Get Up & Go day Cream Moisturiser Herbal EssentialsClinically Proven Get Up & Go Cream Day Moisturiser

Looking for the best skincare routine for combination skin? These Herbal Essentials natural skincare products are perfect if you’re dealing with skin that’s dry or normal in some areas but oily in others, such as the T-Zone. Most people with combination skin choose our Purifying range which helps control excess oil, but for days when your skin is dry we recommend our Thirsty Skin Kit which is great for an burst of hydration. All our skincare contains Himalayan Spring Water, known for its cell regeneration properties and great for all skin types including combination skin.