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SKIN PURIFYING  KIT - Herbal Essentials SkincareSKIN PURIFYING  KIT - Herbal Essentials Skincare
PURIFYING FACE WASH with Neem & Hyssop extracts - Herbal Essentials SkincarePURIFYING FACE WASH with Neem & Hyssop extracts - Herbal Essentials Skincare

Looking for the best skincare routine to reduce enlarged pores? These Herbal Essentials natural skincare products are perfect if you’re dealing with large open pores around your nose, cheeks, chin or forehead. Our Purifying range helps reduce enlarged pores the natural way, without harsh chemicals or oil-stripping ingredients. All our Purifying range products contain Himalayan Spring Water, known for its cell regeneration properties, as well as medicinal herbs and botanicals known for their ability to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while nourishing the skin. We recommend using the entire set - the Purifying Face Wash, Purifying Toner, and the Hydra 5 Gel moisturiser - for best results.