Your Skin. Activate It.

Despite many skincare products being solutions to skin problems surface level, we believe in going deeper. Literally. Strengthening cellular regeneration through our Himalayan Active Water complex so that the healing and strengthening process starts from within the epidermis instead of on top of it. 

Your skin, activated.

- Aly Rahimtoola

"At a time when I was observing a shift to wellness and clean living, I realised there was an amazing source of purity emanating from the source." 

Loved By You
Loved By You
"The moisturiser is absolutely lovely as I have quite dry skin which can break out each month, but this suited my skin and didn't irritate it. Even my mum tried it and loved it!
— Courtney
Loved By You
"I didn't know what to expect but after reading the reviews everywhere I thought I would give it a go and I am really glad I did. It works so amazingly on my dry skin and after using for a month now my skin is looking soooo much better!!! Make up stays on much longer and gives you a really good glow all day."
— Katie
Loved By You
"I use the Blemish Control trio every morning in this order: face wash, toner and Hydra Active Gel. Once a week, I also use the Illuminating Mask to get a nice glow! I'm so happy with the results!"
— Kathryn
Loved By You
"I love this cream as I have quite dry skin and it really keeps my skin soft and supple. I’m on a student budget and I find that these last quite a while and are not very expensive to buy again as they are great value for money. Definitely recommend!"
— Elbi

Himalayan Active Water

Our Himalayan Active Water contains Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium which are 3 essential macro-minerals, clinically proven to help speed up skin cell renewal  within the epidermis through a process known as Keratin Regeneration. 

Each mineral supports in creating a healthier, stronger skin barrier which in turn protects the skin by giving it a visibly healthier appearance. 

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