Protect Your Skin Barrier

Keeping Your Skin Barrier Strong & Healthy Is The Key To Great Skin.

The Science Behind Our Award-Winning Products

All Herbal Essentials products are enriched with Himalayan Active Water. Naturally filtered through 26,000 ft and with a cycle of 10 years until it reaches the foothills, it collects 3 essential minerals: CalciumMagnesium and Potassium

These minerals have been clinically proven to boost epidermal skin cell renewal process through Keratin Regeneration, resulting in a stronger skin barrier - the secret to all healthy skin.

Your No-Fuss Routine

Skincare can be complicated and confusing, but honestly, who has the time... 

We created Herbal Essentials as your everyday, uncomplicated skincare routine, formulated with high-performing natural ingredients that actually work, but if your skin needs a little extra TLC, feel free to add a treatment serum into your routine too! 

So, forget about your 10-step skincare routine which - let’s be honest - is probably doing more harm than good, and take it back to basics.