Who Are We?

About 10 years ago  we discovered that Himalayan Active Water contains 3 essential minerals that help to protect, strengthen and hydrate the skin barrier from within the dermis. So we decided to put it in every skincare product we sell.

WHY Do We Do This?

Despite many skincare products being solutions to skin problems surface level, we believe in going deeper. Literally.

Strengthening cellular regeneration so that the healing and strengthening process starts from within the epidermis instead of on top of it.

Your skin, activated.

WHAT Is Our Superpower?

Himalayan Active Water.

Our philosophy is “activate your skin to heal itself”. So that healing takes place from within the skin’s barrier, accelerating skin cell renewal in the epidermis.

The results are incredible, meaning  long-lasting results for healthier and more resilient skin.

Your skin, activate it.

Our Founder

Growing up, Aly had constantly been told about the health + vitality of people in the Himalayan region. He knew that more and more people were looking for tranquility and an equilibrium in their hectic lifestyle, so he decided to capture the secrets of the Himalayas and use this to develop a brand that would offer an affordable and effective solution. 

After months of research, rigorous testing and clinical trials, Aly uncovered how this seemingly ordinary Himalayan Water was in fact so powerful. 

Working with expert French skincare formulators to combine Himalayan Spring Water with powerful plant-based ingredients to create natural products that tackle all skin types + concerns. 

Did you know?

Your skin regenerates every 28 days...

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier helps to protect your skin against all the nasties (aka pollution, environmental aggressors & bacteria) and retain all the good stuff in (aka moisture). 

Our Himalayan Active Water contains 3 essentials minerals that have been clinically proven to help speed up skin cell renewal within the epidermis for healthier, more resilient skin.