Uncomplicated Skincare

We formulate clinically-proven natural skincare products powered by Himalayan Spring Water to improve everyday skin health - driven by science, inspired by nature and backed by expert French formulators. 

Scientifically proven to accelerate skin cell renewal within the epidermis

based on Himalayan Water in vitro studies on epidermal gene arrays conducted independently

Aly Rahimtoola

Our Founder

"I recognised from living abroad for most of my life that tried and tested ayurvedic ingredients needed to be modernised in order to address the environmental stressors that we experience in modern day lives. 

Working with expert french formulators to create that blend between East and West to create natural, effective and affordable skincare has been my passion - and mission - for the last decade and I am immensely proud of how that idea has evolved over the years."

A New Source OF Skin Wellness

We have travelled 26,000ft to rediscover the secrets of great skin health, in a simple and effective way. 

Our Himalayan Spring Water contains 3 essential minerals that help hydrate, strengthen & protect the skin barrier to retain moisture and keep pollutants & irritants out. So, we put it in every single skincare product we sell. 

Loved By You
Loved By You
"The moisturiser is absolutely lovely as I have quite dry skin which can break out each month, but this suited my skin and didn't irritate it. Even my mum tried it and loved it!
— Courtney
Loved By You
"I didn't know what to expect but after reading the reviews everywhere I thought I would give it a go and I am really glad I did. It works so amazingly on my dry skin and after using for a month now my skin is looking soooo much better!!! Make up stays on much longer and gives you a really good glow all day."
— Katie
Loved By You
"I use the Blemish Control trio every morning in this order: face wash, toner and Hydra Active Gel. Once a week, I also use the Illuminating Mask to get a nice glow! I'm so happy with the results!"
— Kathryn
Loved By You
"I love this cream as I have quite dry skin and it really keeps my skin soft and supple. I’m on a student budget and I find that these last quite a while and are not very expensive to buy again as they are great value for money. Definitely recommend!"
— Elbi