Valentine’s Day 2022: 4 dreamy products to show your skin some love  

While it’s tempting to pick up some chocolate and flowers, why not step away from the conventional and do something different for your loved one? Skincare is the gift that keeps on giving, not only because they can help your partner feel and look confident, but it also lasts a lot longer than a box of chocolate. 

To help you spread the love (and glow), we’ve hand selected 4 skincare treats that will sweep them off their feet! These unisex products are all natural, super-hydrating and chemical free and are formulated with pure Himalayan Spring Water and powerful plant-based actives so that everyone can achieve healthy, confident skin.  

Cleanse: Purifying Face Wash 

Every skincare routine should start with clean skin, and we can all use an extra dose of hydration especially during these winter months. Our Purifying Face Wash not only removes impurities, dirt and oils from your skin without drying it out, but it also prevents breakouts, balances your skin’s PH and controls sebum. Formulated with Neem and Hyssop Extracts, it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift to keep skin feeling fresh and renewed. 

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Refreshing Toner

Eye care: Rescue Revive Eye Masks 

Tired eyes? Our Rescue Revive Eye Masks use natural ingredients to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in just 15 minutes, leaving your skin looking (and feeling) bright and renewed. The Arnica helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and spots, while the Chamomile gently calms and condition the delicate eye area. Even if you’re not get a full 8 hours of beauty sleep, these eye masks will at least help you look like you did! 

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Brightening Cream
Purifying Face Wash

Tone: Refreshing Toner 

Our Refreshing Toner might be the closest thing to a bouquet of roses – the only difference is that it will last a lot longer and will increase skin hydration by +41%! This rose water toner is powered by a combination of natural ingredients, including rose petals and cucumber extract to help strengthen the skin barrier and support skin cell rejuvenation for younger, healthier looking skin that everyone will love.  

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Rescue Revive Eye Mask

Moisturise: Brightening Cream  

Nourished and hydrated skin is the secret to glowing skin. If your skin is looking particularly dull and flaky, it may be dehydrated (and drinking all the water in the world won’t help). Our Brightening Cream is a lightweight, easily absorbed texture and clinically proven to increase hydration by +106% leaving you with softer, smoother and plumper-looking skin.  

Formulated with Liquorice Root, to help brighten the skin, and Aloe Vera to help calm and moisturise skin, you can hardly resist this every day, super-hydrating moisturiser. It’s the gift of super soft skin and creates a healthy glow that can only be boosted after receiving it!  

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Help your loved ones feel extra pampered this Valentine’s day with Buy One Get One Free on this selection natural skincare, featuring a face cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye mask. Made with pure Himalayan spring water and powerful plant-based actives, this hydrating skincare routine will give them the glow they’ve always dreamed of.