“The importance of building a healthy skin barrier is something we knew when we first started the brand - and that’s why we travelled to 26,000ft for the ultimate barrier-strengthening ingredient from one of the purest sources - the Himalayas.”

Our Mission

We formulate clinically-proven natural skincare products designed to improve everyday skin health by strengthening cellular regeneration in the epidermis without costing a fortune - driven by science, inspired by nature and backed by expert French formulators. 

Over a decade ago, we discovered that Himalayan Active Water contains 3 essential minerals that help hydrate, strengthen & protect the skin barrier to retain moisture and keep pollutants & irritants out. So, we put it in every single skincare product we sell. 

Many skincare products provide solutions to skin concerns only at the surface level. Got acne? Here’s an acid to burn it off. Dry skin? Here’s an exfoliant to get rid of flakiness. But have any of these been a solution? Or have they been disguising the problem?

Our philosophy is: "activate your skin to heal itself"

We believe in going to the root of the problem to understand what is causing it - which is often due to a compromised skin barrier. 

That’s why Herbal Essentials was built as a fusion between traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and Western Science so that the healing and strengthening process starts in the epidermis. Instead of masking the problem, we want you to experience actual skin well-being for healthier, and more resilient skin. 

Your skin, activated.

Our Moisturisers

Applying moisturiser is a crucial step in any skincare routine. Your skin can lose moisture due to various factors, such as weather, sun exposure and harsh ingredients causing dryness, flakiness and irritation. Moisturisers help to lock in moisture in skin, creating a protective barrier that prevents water loss, increases skin hydration and strengthens your skin barrier.  

Whilst Herbal Essentials offers a complete skincare regime, the line’s selection of curated facial moisturisers have been formulated to provide instant skin hydration by using carefully selected plant actives that work, combined with our unique Himalayan Active Water to help strengthen and maintain your skin’s natural protective barrier keeping it hydrated for the day, or night, ahead.

Meet our Founder

"Growing up, I remember hearing from the Elder women in my family about the curative powers of all these amazing, natural ingredients from the Himalayas and South Asia - especially the water. The vitality and purity of this region always stuck in my head.

So, when it came to creating Herbal Essentials many years later, I knew I wanted to combine age-old, tried and tested Ayurvedic ingredients with clinically proven Himalayan Active Water to provide high-performance skincare that restores balance and helps your skin heal itself."

- Aly Rahimtoola