Nature Does It Best

You might not know this, but we’re pretty big fans of nature. We want to create products that protect, hydrate and keep your skin barrier strong (that ol’ thing), and let’s face it, nature is already extremely effective in doing this. 

We are Ayurveda-inspired, we know that nature has a lot of the solutions, but ultimately, we want to make the best possible product for you, and just using natural ingredients isn’t going to cut it. 

So, why not work with Nature instead and get the absolute most out of it? We believe in the best, so we spent a lot of time working with expert formulators in France to squeeze out all the goodness from these magnificent ingredients. 

This is why we love to shout out about our Natural Origin Content and show the percentage of ingredients derived from nature on every. single. product. Yep, you heard that right. 

While this may or may not be common practice, we’re not big fans of secrets and we want to be completely transparent about where our products come from so that you can rest easy knowing our products won’t harm your skin. After all, it is your face! 

So, let's get straight into it! What Does Natural Origin Content Even Mean?

Natural Origin Content are ingredients which have originally derived from plants and minerals, but have been formulated to make sure that even the most sensitive skin is happy and healthy. 

As there is no official definition of ‘natural’, we follow the International Organisation for Standardisation’s (ISO) guidelines which refer to ‘natural origin content’ as ingredients which are more than 50% from natural sources e.g. plants and minerals.

And, not that we’re bragging, but to this day we have worked hard to ensure our products are always a minimum 90% natural origin content, with some of our products ranging up to 99%. (Ok, we might be bragging a little bit).