Did You Know the Best Skincare
Brands Use Ayurvedic Ingredients?

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It’s true — the best skincare brands use Ayurvedic ingredients in their skincare line. But it’s the use of Ayurvedic ingredients that make them the best. Here’s why…

We formulate Ayurvedic elements in our skincare because our aim is to create powerfully natural, clean products that are safe to your skin & celebrate all that nature has to offer. Ayurvedic ingredients also stand the test of time, with proven results that have been used for thousands of years.

We truly care about nature and believe in its power. Many companies that avoid natural ingredients and pack their skincare with synthetics, do not care about their customers ethos and the long-term effects these nasties have on their skin. In fact, if a skincare brand doesn’t use all-natural and Ayurvedic ingredients, they most likely use toxic ingredients that have many side effects such as:

• Premature ageing

• Skin irritation and redness

• Allergic reactions

• Acne

• Eczema

With that said, the best skincare brands such as Herbal Essentials utilizes all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients that yield amazing and proven

Here are some of the benefits of using Ayurvedic herbs in your skincare routine:

• Moisturization

• Reduced dark under eyes and age spots

• Boosted complexion

• Detoxing

• Firming

But if you’re wondering, “Do Ayurvedic ingredients really work?”

Herbal Essential takes the guesswork out of trying all-natural Ayurvedic skincare. In fact, their skincare line has been tested by consumer & clinically proven to give you naturally incredible skin. However, it’s important to understand Ayurveda, its origins, and the herbs that are commonly used in this ancient medicinal practice.

What Is Ayurveda and What
Are Ayurvedic Ingredients?

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system that dates back to 5,000 years ago and it was first recorded in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit.

And Ayurveda believes in treating the body as a whole including the mind, body, and spirit. It works to prevent illness and disease rather than treat it. 

Herbs and spices in spoons

One important aspect of Ayurveda is the use of herbs. Ayurvedic herbs have a myriad of benefits. Here are some unmissable benefits:

Aloe vera: Calms and moisturizes your skin

Arnica extract: Visibly reduces dark circles/age spots

Ginger: Clarifies and tones your skin

Honey: Balances your complexion

Hyssop: Detoxes your skin 

Kaolin clay: Cleanses and exfoliates your skin

Neem: Contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties 

Liquorice root: Prevents oxidative stress

Papaya extract: Removes dead skin cells and brightens your skin

Peppermint oil: Controls excess sebum

Rosewater: Hydrates and moisturizes your skin

Rosehip oil: Calms and conditions your skin 

Why Should Clean Skincare Brands Choose Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic herbs are the definition of clean beauty and they offer the best everyday natural skincare routine. Not only do they allow for all-natural skin benefits, but they are generally:

• Cruelty-free

• Chemical-free

• Non-toxic

Because these herbs do not contain any substances besides themselves. These herbs are harvested from their respective plant and then processed for use.

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The best skincare brands know that natural skincare is crucial for conscious customers and for a healthy planet. Plus, clean, natural skincare brands such as Herbal Essentials knows the potency and the effectiveness of Ayurvedic herbs. Herbal Essentials values and records the amazing results their customers see from using their Ayurvedic skincare line. In fact, here are the proven results from their Ayurvedic skincare products.

Herbal Essentials Illuminating Mask Made With Papain & Honey

The Illuminating Mask that includes the Ayurvedic ingredients, Papain and Honey, is created to brighten the skin and promote a radiant complexion.

“Our award-winning Illuminating Mask will take care of tired, dull skin, leaving you with a visibly smoother, brighter, more radiant complexion. With dead-skin dissolving Papain (an enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant), purifying Kaolin Clay, nourishing Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil to boost your skin's hydration, this powerful face mask is packed with natural enzymes to visibly smooth and brighten. Suitable for all skin types.”

In a study of 20 women who applied the mask for four weeks, these are the results they saw:

• 100% of women found their skin clearer

• 95% of women found their skin smoother

• 95% of women found their skin moisturised

• 85% of women found their skin brighter and more uniform

• 85% of women found their skin more radiant

And here’s one of our clean beauty reviews from a Beauty Bible Tester:

"My husband and friend both commented on how bright my face looked; this was lovely as after a life of problem skin, this made me feel very confident. It's now permanently on my shopping list."

Herbal Essentials Purifying Toner with Neem Extract and Peppermint Oil

Due to the Ayurvedic ingredients found in our purifying toner — neem extract and peppermint oil — it can visibly reduce pores and provide perfectly cleansed skin.

“A gentle natural toner containing naturally antibacterial Neem & cooling Peppermint Oil to refresh the skin and help remove excess sebum. This alcohol-free refreshing and purifying toner for blemish-prone and combination skin helps to visibly control shine and help reduce the appearance of pores. Suitable for oily and combination skin.”

In fact, out of 20 participants between the ages of 18-45, the following results were seen:

• 95% of women found their skin feeling cleansed after use

• 84% of women found the product helps reduce the visibility of pores after use

Plus, our Beauty Bible Tester Review raves about the benefits:

"This purifying toner helped with my breakouts and congestion. I would buy it for summer months to control oil production and cool down the skin. It reminded me of India where neem and peppermint are essential in skincare and body care. This is a more refined version with Himalayan spring water for added benefits. Very refreshing and cooling. Good for all age groups."


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Of course, the best skincare brands such as Herbal Essentials use Ayurvedic ingredients. And now you know why — they’re all-natural and highly effective. In fact, there’s no excuse not to use Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients.

So, as a consumer, where do you start? Which product should you try first?

Well, to start out, we suggest trying the award-winning Illuminating Mask With Papain & Honey that will deliver multiple skin benefits. For example, you’ll experience skin that’s:

• Smoother

• Clearer

• Radiant

• Hydrated

• Brighter

Plus, it's easy to use. Simply follow the instructions below:

“Apply twice a week to damp skin and let the mask dry for 5-10 minutes. For sensitive skin suggested use is once a week for 1-3 minutes. To remove, rinse thoroughly with warm water.”

So, start your Ayurvedic skincare journey today with the best skincare brand — Herbal Essentials.