If you have dry, irritated skin, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s safe to say that almost everyone has experience dry skin once in their life, especially during the colder winter months. 

What Is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is when your skin isn’t producing enough oil and the lipids in the skin aren’t getting enough moisture. As a result, it causes your skin to appear flaky, rough, and – well – dry. External factors such as the weather, central heating, harmful products, even the clothes you’re wearing can all contribute to dryness and worsen your symptoms.

While you can’t ‘treat’ dry skin, you can definitely improve the appearance.


Skip The Long Hot Showers or Baths

This doesn’t mean you need to start having cold showers and yes – sometimes, after a long day, all we want is to soak in a hot, steamy bath but if you’re prone to dry + sensitive skin, or are currently dealing with dry skin, then we would recommend having a slightly colder shower. The hot water essentially strips your skin of its natural oils which can contribute to the dryness! 

Moisturise To Lock In Hydration

Skin irritation and dryness is often a result of a damaged skin barrier. Moisturising is crucial in keeping skin nourished, hydrated and healthy. Look for deeply hydrating moisturisers that are fragrance-free, natural and avoid any harsh ingredients that might worsen irritation.

Our Nourishing Cream is infused with 95% natural ingredients, including Apricot Kernel Oil and Aloe Vera, to actively replenish, plump and soothe your skin for a natural, healthy glow. Even better, these plant-actives are combined with clinically proven Himalayan Active Water to boost skin hydration by +50%.

Use A Gentle Cleanser

The build up of dirt, oil and makeup that accumulates on your skin throughout the day can cause dryness and irritation. No matter your skin type, it’s important that you thoroughly cleanse your skin twice a day to protect your skin. If you have irritable skin, reach for a milder, gentler face wash that will deeply cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Our Foaming Face Wash, clinically proven to boost skin hydration by +113%, is a great cleanser for sensitive skin. It’s formulated with Ginger and White Lily Extract which work together to help cleanse, tone and clarify the skin without stripping it.

Use A Toner Daily

Anyone can use a toner, but it’s especially beneficial for those with sensitive, dry skin. Using a toner daily helps to remove any leftover build up on the skin after cleansing which could otherwise result in discomfort and itchiness.

Depending on the type of Toner you use, it can also help calm the skin of any symptoms of irritation. Our Refreshing Toner contains a unique blend of natural plant-active, including soothing Cucumber and nourishing Rose Water, and clinically proven Himalayan Spring Water to boostskin hydration by +84%.

Mask Weekly To Treat Your Skin

Investing in a soothing, hydrating sheet mask is an effective treatment for when your skin needs a little relief. You can use them as often as you like, but we recommend looking for ones that contain hydrating and skin-soothing properties to prevent any extra irritation.  

Our top pick is our Rescue Revive Sheet Mask. This soothing sheet mask contains Argan Oil and Chamomile Extract to visibly condition and nourish the skin.

At Herbal Essentials, we aim to create clean, natural skincare that encourages a happy and healthy complexion. We harness the power of pure Himalayan Active Water in all of our skincare products so that you can enjoy the numerous benefits it brings to your skin. This water is rich in natural minerals and antioxidants, including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, which all help to visibly support skin cell renewal, calm and soothe the skin.