We’ll admit it - the world of skincare can be confusing, and we’ve got more experience than most! With scientific sounding ingredients, 12 step skincare routines and thousands of products to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Many of us trust the experts to tell us what’s best and when it comes to skincare, a professional therapist really knows their stuff. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your skincare routine, who better to ask than the trained professionals? We’ve put together some top tips and inside info about the skincare routines of some of our favourite therapists, so read on to find out more.

Katie Light

Katie Light has been a beauty therapist for over 25 years and she developed her unique Light Technique to help customers address both the physical and emotional issues that affect their health & skin’s wellbeing. Her holistic facials draw upon traditional Chinese medicine, combined with elements of Reiki and specialised massage to lift, tone and calm stressed skin. 

Katie likes to use natural products in her skincare routine and uses this daily ritual as a way to relax and unwind while treating herself to a facial massage which aids circulation. “Give your skin a good cleanse and work your fingers back and forth across the cheeks, especially the bigger muscles between the cheeks and jaw, as that is where we hold a lot of tension’ she says. “Wash off the cleanser and splash your face with some cold water, as this is always good to help the circulation.” 

Katie also recommends taking deep breaths, starting from your tummy and then up into the chest while you practice your skincare routine, to help aid relaxation. “If you feel like you want to give yourself an extra special treat, follow your daily skincare ritual with some gentle facial pressure points to reduce stress, help circulation and improve overall wellbeing.” she adds.  Check out Katie’s Instagram for some amazing videos.

Antonia Burrell

Antonia is one of the UK’s best loved skincare experts, and she recently shared her top skincare tips with the team at Beauty Bible. Antonia recommends keeping your routine simple and introducing each new product gradually, so that your skin doesn’t become overloaded. 

She’s also a fan of double cleansing; once to remove makeup and grime, and then again to give your skin a really deep clean. “Knowing and understanding  your skin type is one of the most important skin care tips I can offer,” she says. “In my experience, all skins are slightly combination, with an oilier zone, but skin conditions change according to factors like your health, the weather and the choice of your skincare products”.

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