7 expert tips to give yourself the best spa like facial at home

Everyone loves a facial, it’s one of life’s little treats when you need a pick me up and time away from everyday stressors. However, keeping up with regular spa treatments can be costly, and impractical due to weekly schedules. Luckily, there are many expert tips which can give your skin an extra of dose of TLC that feels as good as a real spa facial. The process requires you to do something deeper than your daily routine and practising self-care is a great way to calm both your mind and complexion.

Once you have all the right products and know how to create the perfect setting, you will soon become a pro. Here are our secrets to the best spa like facial at home.

1. Start with a clean canvas

Before you do anything to your face, you need to ensure you skin is a clean canvas. If you have any makeup debris left on your skin, it can impact the results. Prior to starting the facial process, double cleanse. Cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser first to dissolve any makeup, oil, or grime. Then use a water-based cleanser to keep your skin clean without making it dry. This should take around 60-seconds, gently massage the products in with your fingers to make sure no dirt is left behind.

We recommend: Our Himalayan Infused Micellar Water which is formulated with mineral-rich Himalayan Spring Water, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Betaine to gently cleanse, refresh and hydrate skin.

2. Steam Your Skin

The best facials include steaming your face. This helps to open up your pores, soften the top layer of your skin and loosen build-up of dirt for a deeper cleanse. Take extra care during the process as over steaming can lead to dryness. For 10 minutes, either close your eyes and hover your face over a bowl of hot water whilst covering your head with a towel or soak a towel in hot water and put it over your face. Once steamed, rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a soft towel.

3. Massage Your Face

Alongside applying the correct products, it’s important to spend time massaging your face. This helps to boost circulation and lymph flow, plus it can help the ingredients penetrate deeply. Massage your products into the skin in a circular motion and tap lightly with your fingers on delicate skin areas such as around your eyes. A jade roller helps to promote relaxation further by encouraging lymphatic drainage. This boosts the skin’s natural detoxification process. Roll in an upwards and outward motion, avoiding dragging your skin down.

4. Implement a Mask

No facial would be complete without a face mask. Choose a mask which is based on your skin’s current needs and has detoxifying ingredients such as, Kaolin clay, which helps to clean out your now open pores. Instead of quickly applying the mask, take time to massage it in your skin thoroughly. Warm your fingers with warm water or even green tea and spend time lightly pressing your fingers into your skin, this will provide a deeper and illuminating glow on removal.

We recommend: Our Illuminating Mask. Infused with Himalayan Spring Water, Papaya Extract and Kaolin Clay to exfoliate dead skin cells, visibly smooth and brighten the skin to reveal a youthful, more radiant complexion.

5. Create a relaxing ambience


To create the ultimate relaxing experience, your setting needs evoke peace and serenity. Removing as much stress as possible will help you switch off and unwind. Soak your feet in the bath and fill it with Epsom salt. This is healthy and relaxing for the pressure points in your feet which will calm your whole body. Heighten your senses with natural fragrances of essential oils such as peppermint, jasmine, lavender, or citrus. Light a few candles and play a relaxing playlist before starting your facial.

6. spend time on your eyes 


The areas around your eyes are the most delicate and become thinner with age, losing elasticity, and having less support. It’s important to dedicate part of your facial to hydrate and soften the under eyes. At the start of your facial, place your eye cream in the fridge. Once it’s time, gently press the cream lightly around the eyes for a cooling sensation.

We recommend: The Hydrating Eye Gel which clinically proven to increase hydration by 184%. It’s formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate and Aloe Vera to instantly brighten, plump and energise the eye contour.

7. Moisturise

To lock in your rejuvenated skin, it’s important to apply a hydrating moisturiser. This will be the final step in your process, so take the time to stimulate blood circulation and increase the proportion of elastin and collagen in your skin. Tap lightly on your brow and jaw line to relieve muscle tension and leave your skin with a dewy yet lightweight finish.

We recommend: Our Get Up & Go Cream. Bursting with antioxidant-rich Wheat Germ Oil, deliciously nourishing Shea Butter and clinically proven Himalayan Spring Water, it restores moisture and suppleness while boosting skin hydration by +84%.

At Herbal Essentials, we combine a minimum 90& natural plant-actives with mineral-rich Himalayan Spring Water so that you can take in the numerous benefits it has to offer. Our water is full of natural minerals and antioxidants, including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, all of which help to support skin cell renewal and strengthen the skin barrier.

Our clinical trials produced outstanding results and our Himalayan water has been shown to increase hydration by up to 184%. This, combined with powerful plant-based actives, will help you maintain healthy, glowing and confident skin all year round.

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