Our skin is frequently a huge indicator of what’s going on inside of our bodies. What’s more, stress, bad sleeping patterns or an unbalanced diet, all tend to appear on our face in the form of blemished skin.

All skin types can be prone to blemishes and for the most part, this is nothing to worry about. While acne is most common especially among teens, blemishes can impact anyone at any age. While this can be distressing, the good news is, there are lots of preventative measures you can take. We have listed a few of the most effective below.

Keep your face clean

Perhaps this one goes without saying. However, whether or not you experience frequent blemishes, it's essential that you wash your face every day to get rid of impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin's surface. Washing more often than twice daily is not required. If you’re not used to regularly washing your face, a good place to start is using warm water with a mild facial cleanser. Using harsh, fragranced soap can cause irritation. For those with sensitive skin, it's recommended you try a soap-free cleanser, for example our Cleansing Milk with Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera.

Don't scrub your skin with a harsh exfoliant

Exfoliation involves removing dead cells from the skin. Some exfoliants can improve blemishes but too much can worsen the situation, this happens if you remove too much natural oil from your skin. The skin will, in turn, compensate by creating more oil, which clogs pores and causes more spots. Try not to scrub your skin too harshly with a washcloth or exfoliating glove. Gently wash your face with a muslin cloth or your hands. Always wet your face and then lightly pat your face dry with a clean towel. Our Gentle Renewal Scrub containing Walnut Shell Powder is an ideal product for reducing oil to purify the skin.

Know your ingredients

Ingredients found in skincare products have been linked to anything from allergic reactions to breakouts. While there are lots of studies with varying results, everyone can agree that using more natural products is safer for you and also better for the environment. Some of the main ingredients to steer clear from include Sodium lauryl sulfate,  parabens, mineral oil, Polyethylene glycol, triclosan and synthetic fragrances. There is a wealth of information out there about toxic skincare ingredients, so it's certainly worth doing your research!

Keep your hands away from your face 

Try not to touch your face excessively or rest your cheek or chin on your hands. This can cause the spread of bacteria and it can also irritate an already inflamed facial area causing skin breakouts. Also never pick your spots as it can lead to infection and scarring.

Keep facial care products clean

Skincare and facial sponges and brushes should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and warm water to prevent a buildup of bacteria, which can further lead to breakouts.

At Herbal Essentials, we believe that powerful natural activities and botanicals are best for our skin. Unlike other brands, we avoid harsh, soap-based cleansers which disrupt the skin’s natural moisture balance, or rough exfoliants which cause damage to the skin cells and trigger inflammation. You can shop our range of skincare products and also take our online consultation to find the best routine for your needs and lifestyle.