A luminous, glowing complexion is at the top of many people’s beauty lists, but the reality is that our modern lives can sometimes get in the way of that radiant glow. From lack of sleep to high levels of pollution in the air; there are many aspects that can contribute to tired, dull looking skin.

Our skin is also constantly shedding dead skin cells, but if you don’t have a proper routine in place then these cells can build up and lead to that telltale dry and dull look. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to revive your skin and reveal the healthy, dewy complexion that’s lurking just beneath the surface. From cleansing methods to the right products and masks to give you a boost, see below for some of our favourite ways to get your glow back.


Hydration is key

If your skin looks dull then it’s likely that it’s dehydrated. We’ve already discussed the many beauty benefits of water in our blog, and it can do wonders for your skin, both inside and out. Drinking enough water is key, but it’s also vital to hydrate your skin with the right products. Look out for natural hydrating ingredients like omega-6, sweet almond oil and shea butter for an instant hit of moisture.


Sometimes washing your face with a cleanser simply isn’t enough; you need to exfoliate to slough off that top layer of dead skin cells and reveal the radiant skin underneath. Exfoliating also helps topical products (like serums or moisturisers) to penetrate better, so the active ingredients can really get to work.  Try our Gentle Renewal Scrub and follow up with the Illuminating Face Mask, packed with papain enzymes and glycolic acid to gently reveal a radiant, brighter complexion.

Double cleanse

This cleansing method is popular amongst Korean women as a secret to clear skin and it involves cleansing once with an oil-based cleanser, and then again with a water-based formula like our Foaming Face Wash. Cleansing twice ensures that you’re removing any makeup, sebum or SPF left on the surface of your skin, followed by a second round to cleanse deep into the pores and remove any remaining dirt or oil.

Pollution protection

Our environment can wreak havoc on our skin; dulling it down thanks to exposure to air pollution, harsh weather and UV light. This is especially true if you live in a busy city, but don’t worry, you don’t have to live your life indoors to get the radiant skin you desire. Formulas packed with antioxidants (like our Daily Defence Cream) will help to form a protective barrier on your skin, while boosting hydration to leave it soft, nourished and refreshed. 

We believe in the power of nature here at Herbal Essentials, which is why we’re proud to state that our collections contain at least 90% natural ingredients. We’re meticulous about our formulas and have developed a range of products to help you achieve radiant, healthy looking skin, without harsh chemicals which can dry it out. Browse our full range of products specifically chosen to combat signs of dull skin here, including our best selling Miracle Cleanser, and discover the secret to healthy, hydrated skin.