As we adapt to the new way of life among the Coronavirus pandemic, the mandatory wearing of face masks is one new change in our daily routines. 

But, despite playing a major role in reducing the spread of the virus, for many,  wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time can irritate sensitive skin and result in maskne.

To keep your skin looking and feeling great here’s all you need to know about maskne and how to prevent it.

What is maskne?

Maskne refers to skin irritation especially around the mouth, cheeks and nose as a result of wearing face coverings. These types of breakouts may appear as whiteheads or red spots which even if you have never suffered with regular acne before.

Why does maskne occur?

Because masks and face coverings must be fairly tight fitting to do their job, the environment under the mask becomes humid and sticky very easily. Unfortunately, this trapped moisture (a combination of sweat and oil) can clog up your pores due to the lack of circulation and lead to spots. Additionally, the physical rubbing of the mask on your face can cause irritation. Sensitive skin may experience spots, dryness or redness.

How do I prevent maskne? 

Wearing a mask is still very important so abandonning them is not the answer. Instead, here are some top prevent tips for keeping your skin clear and spot-free.

1. Have a morning and evening skincare routine
If your normal skincare sessions have been slipping through the next, now is the time to get back on track. Washing, cleansing and moisturising your face day and night is a great way of maintaining good facial hygiene. You mustn’t go overboard as this can cause excessive dryness, however, twice a day will ensure that build up is removed.
2. Wash your mask regularly
Remember to wash your reusable masks regularly to prevent irritation. Makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria can sit within the fibres and cause skin complaints, but staying on top of cleaning will prevent this. If you are wearing disposable masks, avoid touching it directly by putting it on and removing it via the ear straps.
3. Less makeup more skincare
Your skin is already dealing with additional sweat and oil under your mask, so adding makeup can make things worse. Try having a few makeup-free days and practice good skincare routines to see an improvement.

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