products to use
for dry skin

Dry skin is a common skin concern, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an inconvenience. Dry and flaky skin on your face can be uncomfortable, irritating and - sadly - it can affect our confidence too. If you suffer with dry skin, you may be wondering what to do. Whether you’ve tried what feels like every product under the sun or you’ve simply given up and feel hopeless, trying to find a solution that works for you can be difficult to say the least.

However, don’t give up just yet. If you have dry skin, you’ll need to work on improving its ability to retain moisture - and the best way to do this is by carefully selecting the products you put on your skin.

Read on for the top products to use for dry skin.

Gentle cleansers

Dry skin can flake, crack and even bleed, causing great discomfort. One of the common causes of dry patches is dead cells adhering to your skin, so it’s important you have a gentle cleanser to hand. 

A cleanser containing exfoliating ingredients will help break down the bonds holding dead skin cells together and ensure your moisturiser can sink into your skin better each morning. Try using a gentle cleanser that cleans the skin without stripping away moisture, such as our Miracle Cleanser with Sunflower Seed Oil & Glycerin.


Hydrating moisturising creams

A moisturiser may seem like the obvious choice, but we can’t talk about dry skin without mentioning it. Investing in a high-quality day & night moisturiser is the best place to start. Dry skin is an indication that your skin’s natural protection is weakened, vulnerable and fragile, which is why it’s essential you choose a gentle, hydrating moisturising cream that soaks into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. Try our Nourishing Cream for the day and our Rest & Renew Night Cream in your evening routine.



Investing in a hydrating sheet mask is a quick, effective and mess-free skin treatment you should always have in your beauty cabinet for days when your skin needs some relief. Sheet masks can be used as regularly as you like, but we recommend looking for ones that offer hydrating and skin-soothing properties. Our Rescue Revive Sheet Mask contains argan oil extract to visibly condition and nourish.


Calming eye masks

If you have dry skin, you may suffer from dry eyes too and it’s important to make sure the skin around your eyes gets the TLC it needs. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and therefore you need a super gentle product to soothe the skin in this area, such as our Rescue Revive Eye Mask. Eye masks are an effective way to soothe and condition dry skin around the eyes without rubbing heavy or irritating creams in.


At Herbal Essentials, we understand just how uncomfortable dry skin can be. This is why we’ve worked hard to develop a skincare routine for dry and dehydrated skin. Each and every product has a minimum 90% natural origin content and is packed with nutrient-rich, calming ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin.