We're back again with The Confidence Club where we’ll be spreading positivity + self-acceptance, ensuring that all of you in our community feel confident no matter what. 

We were so excited to chat with the lovely, skin-positivity influencer, Alisa Kawase, who opens up about her relationship with acne, the common misconceptions she gets about her skin and why she started her skin-positive account in the first place. 

1. Hi Alisa, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your skin journey?

My acne started in late 2020, my face line area started getting red and acne started poping put every day out of nowhere.

I didn't know what was going on, since I believed that only teenagers could have acne (which I did when I was 15), but I was hoping for the best and I thought it will go away soon, which was not the case. I went to a dermatologist, used different products for acne, started drinking vitamins and etc. 

After figuring out that I have hormonal acne, I started being very picky about my skincare products, also started realizing and being more aware of my mental health and how it affects my skin as well.

2. How has your relationship with your skin + yourself changed since starting your skin account @justherskin? 

I started loving myself and paying more attention to myself for sure even with more acne than had ever before. It was definitely a roller coaster of awareness and learning process towards myself during the acne journey. But it was a big accent on learning on accepting myself first and be able to turn it into a lesson that could serve others. 

3. What are some common misconceptions, comments, questions that you get about acne? 

I get a lot of "How do I heal my acne?" comments. And also have comments such as "but you are so pretty, you don't even have that much acne!"

And it is always a reminder for me that all of us are different and it is all about how do we view ourselves with our own eyes. 

4. How do you think social media has impacted the visibility of different skin conditions?

Personally, I think it is a healthy movement for all of us. Especially those who are suffering and having challenges accepting themselves with acne.

Obviously, there will be a lot of haters who think differently, but the main focus of all of this movement is to help and help people learn and be aware. 

5. People often talk about the link between skin & mental health, what are your thoughts on this? 


I think it is a cycle that is 100% connected. Most people will be mentally challenged having acne, which causes even more acne. And it is a constant cycle that will repeat itself until we find a way how to heal our mental health. I truly believe that our skin is just a part of our body. It never will be about just acne itself, it always will be about how do we feel about having acne and how do we see ourselves with acne. 

6. Self-care is so important, especially when you have a demanding lifestyle, how do you like to practice self-care?

I totally agree and I do think it is important. I don't tolerate what doesn't make me feel good if I have a choice to do so. It could be people (most of the time), the environment, things, or food. I just decide to walk away and feel pretty damn good about my choice. Protecting myself from these factors creates a lot of peace internally, and creates a sense of ownership and responsibility that builds a lot of confidence in myself. 

7. What is something that you love doing in your down time that just fills you with happiness?

Spending time by myself, learning something. Self-growth is what gives me a sense of purpose and the future I building for myself. 

I really love spending time with myself and investing in myself. 

8. What do you want to tell people who struggle with self-confidence? 

I want to say that it is not a destination, it is a journey that takes time and challenges to participate in. It does hurt and it will sometimes...But it is permanent? You know it never will. Start to focus on yourself only, learn from people that you feel help, support, and motivation from. And one more thing...Unfollow on social media those who make you feel sick mentally, even if it is your closest circle. Again, focus on what makes YOU feel good. 

9. And, finally, what does ‘beauty’ mean to you? 

Pure you. No filters, no masks, no fakes to hide something. You could have zero confidence, full of fear and self-judgment...but as long as it is pure you, there is always will be a way to feel better, And that is what I believe is beauty.