We're back again with The Confidence Club where we’ll be spreading positivity + self-acceptance, ensuring that all of you in our community feel confident no matter what. 

We were so excited to chat with the lovely, skin-positivity influencer, Loren Simms, who opens up about her relationship with acne, the common misconceptions she gets about her skin and why she started her skin-positive account in the first place. 

Hi Loren, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Loren, I’m 17 and a UK content creator! My main focus is skincare on Instagram. I started my page to document my Accutane journey and I never expected it to blow up! 

How has your relationship with your skin + yourself changed since starting your account @lorenssjourney

My relationship with my skin has improved since I started my page. It’s not perfect - but neither is anything in life. I still can feel stressed out with my skin from time to time but my page has taught me to be more patient and address the root cause of the way I’m feeling. 

What are some common misconceptions, comments, questions that you get about your skin? 

Common misconceptions I get with my skin is that I can’t be bothered to find the root cause of my acne and that I’d rather skip to taking Accutane when in reality I tried natural remedies and skincare for years alongside using creams and antibiotics for 6 years. I also had blood tests to check my hormones and organs as well as an ultrasound to check for PCOS - all of which is ok. 

Loren Simms - Skin Positivity Influencer

How do you think social media has impacted the visibility of different skin conditions? 

I think social media has helped to bring light to the normality of skin conditions. I especially loved the new LaRoche Posay tv advert that showcased acne, eczema and rosacea. I think social media and the skin community is a big comfort blanket for a lot of people. 

People often talk about the link between skin & mental health, what are your thoughts on this? 

I think there’s a huge link between skin and mental health. My skin still ties into my mental health. At my lowest my acne caused me anxiety and depression and even suicidal tendencies. People think acne is just a few spots but when you have chronic cystic acne that feels like rocks under your skin, that hurt so much you can’t sleep or have to take paracetamol for over 6 years it’s not just a few spots. It becomes life debilitating. 

Self-care is so important, especially when you have a demanding lifestyle, how do you like to practice self-care? 

I like to practice self-care by always doing my skincare, always taking time to sit down by myself and not feel guilty about it. I like to let go of all the different directions I’m being pulled in and tap into my emotions for a minute and check on how I’m really doing. 

What is something that you love doing in your down time that just fills you with happiness? 

Something I love to do in down time that fills myself with happiness is to have a bath. I love to have a pretty bath bomb and do a facemask. My kittens love water so they always sit on the side and bat the water - it’s super cute! 

What do you want to tell people who struggle with self-confidence? 

To people who struggle with self-confidence I want them to know that you can change that. You can change your life, you’re stronger than you know and you can make that change. I also want them to know that there are such big loving communities on Instagram such as the skin positivity community and the body positivity community where you can make so many like-minded friends! 

And, finally, what does ‘beauty’ mean to you? 

To me beauty means being content and happy within yourself. Beauty isn’t what you see on the cover of vogue. Beauty is looking into the mirror and feeling happy and content with not just your outside but also your inside! 

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