Are we living in the age of flower power? It may have been a 1960s catchphrase, but today it takes on a whole new meaning. Increasing research into the beauty benefits of botanical extracts – fuelled by growing consumer demand for natural products – means we now know more than ever about the skin healing properties of plants and fruit.

Using plants in beauty treatments is nothing new. Famously, the ancient Greeks used olive oil to moisturise skin and crushed mulberries to add a rosy glow to cheeks. Then there was Cleopatra, the original beauty junkie; according to legend, the Queen of the Nile favoured beauty-boosting tricks such as sea salt to exfoliate, rosewater to control pimples and oatmeal to soothe skin.

At Herbal Essentials, we get VERY excited when we are introduced to the powers of a botanical extract. We chose our award-winning product formulators for their specialist knowledge about botanical ingredients –  they then meticulously created each of our products using natural extracts known for specific beauty benefits.

So which are our five favourite beauty-boosting botanical extracts?

  1. Cucumber extract is known for its soothing, cooling properties. A splash of cucumber infused water will help revitalise your skin in the morning. It’s in our Refreshing Toner with Cucumber Extract and Rosewater
  2. Sweet Almond Oil is nature’s skin softener, thanks to its high concentration of fatty acids and Vitamin E. It’s in our Moisturising Body Lotion with Shea Butter and Honey
  3. Lemongrass is better known for its credentials in cooking than beauty – but we love it for its gentle cleansing properties. It’s also known to promote radiance. It’s in our Radiance Miracle Cleanser with Vitamin E
  4. Walnut Shell. At Herbal Essentials, we would never use harsh, artificial exfoliants that irritate the skin. Ground Walnut Shell is the perfect alternative; it gently removes dead skin to leave it glowing. It’s in our Gentle Renewal Scrub
  5. Rosewater, derived from crushed rose petals, is the original flower power ingredient, loved for centuries for its skin calming properties. It’s in our Refreshing Toner with Cucumber Extract and Rosewater.

Discover more skin boosting ingredients in our full collection here.