Beauty Rediscovered

“At a time when I was observing a shift to wellness and clean living, I realised there was an amazing source of purity emanating from the north of my country.” 

Aly Rahimtoola

Who Are We?

We are Herbal Essentials.

Our skincare is powered by Himalayan Spring Water, it’s our key active in every product. Clinically proven to boost epidermal skin cell renewal process, which supports, protects and strengthens the skin barrier.

We are experts in hydration and create high-performance products that are inspired by nature. Sourced from the Himalayan mountains and naturally filtered through 26,000 feet, containing 3 essential minerals: Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium.

Formulated in France with a minimum 90% natural origin content using plant-actives to target specific skin types and concerns, which are clinically proven to increase hydration. We believe high quality skincare should be accessible to everyone, and affordably priced for happy, healthy and confident skin.

Powered By The Himalayas...

Our mineral-rich active water is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. It takes a decade year journey from 26,000 feet which allows it to have unprecedented concentrations of macro-minerals. This has beenclinically proven to boost the skin cell renewal process in the epidermis, which supports, strengthens and protects the skin barrier.

...Inspired By Nature

We combine this active water with a unique blend of plant-actives that are selected to tackle all skin concerns. We use high concentrations of these actives to ensure our natural origin content is always a minimum of 90%. 

How We Began

Who Are We?

Growing up, Aly had constantly been told about the health + vitality of people in the Himalayan region. He knew that more and more people were looking for tranquility and an equilibrium in their hectic lifestyle, so he decided to capture the secrets of the Himalayas and use this to develop a brand that would offer an affordable and effective solution. 

After months of research, rigorous testing and clinical trials, Aly uncovered how this seemingly ordinary Himalayan Water was in fact so powerful. 

The idea of bottling up the natural benefits of this water into a skincare line was suddenly born. 

Working with expert French skincare formulators to combine Himalayan Spring Water with powerful plant-based ingredients to create natural products that tackle all skin types + concerns. 

“Growing up with connections to Pakistan, on frequent trips back I keep hearing about the curative, treatment type powers of various ingredients, substances and botanicals from the Northern region.

Being fortunate enough to have travelled the world and live abroad, I realised that more and more people were looking for a more holistic solution to their everyday lifestyle stresses, whether that’s skincare, supplements, or dietary needs.

Realising that there is a value in the vitality and simplicity of life that the Himalayas bring from its purity, I decided that I wanted to create a unique brand that harnesses the simplicity, vitality and the power of the Himalayas and the Northern region and put that in a bottle that can be used to address modern concerns where people are searching for equilibrium. It seems that modern lifestyles have created an imbalance in this mad, crazy world that we live in and my aim is to help people address this through ancient beauty wisdom.“

 – Aly Rahimtoola