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AlyRahimtoola – Founder

Herbal Essentials was founded by Aly Rahimtoola in 2008. UK educated Aly has strong connections to Pakistan and often travelled back to his home region to indulge his true passion; rediscovering forgotten cultural and wellbeing rituals.

During one of his trips, Aly heard about the benefits of Himalayan Spring Water in the Northern region. He set out on a mission to discover more, intrigued by the possibility of harnessing the power of this unique water in skincare.

After being introduced to leading French product formulation experts, Aly’s hopes of blending Himalayan Spring Water and botanical extracts into an effective skincare range for modern day skincare issues using ancient beauty secrets came to fruition.

The result is Herbal Essentials – a modern skincare collection comprised of ancient beauty wisdom.

Initially launched in the UAE, Herbal Essentials is now available world-wide online and with selected partners.

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