Protect Your Skin Barrier

Ahh the skin barrier. It's an expression that's been thrown around a lot recently, but does anyone actually know what a skin barrier is and, more importantly, how the heck are we supposed to look after it? 

Let’s get one thing out the way: keeping your skin barrier strong and healthy is the KEY to great skin. It serves as a protective shield that keeps all the bad stuff from entering (e.g. pollution) and all the good stuff from leaving (e.g. moisture). 

Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to harm your skin barrier - in fact, you might not even realise you’re doing it. And when it does become damaged, it can lead to breakouts, irritation and dehydrated skin.

Keeping Your Skin Barrier Strong & Healthy Is The Key To Great Skin.

The Science Behind Our Award-Winning Products

All Herbal Essentials products are enriched with Himalayan Active Water. Naturally filtered through 26,000 ft and with a cycle of 10 years until it reaches the foothills, it collects 3 essential minerals: CalciumMagnesium and Potassium

These minerals have been clinically proven to boost epidermal skin cell renewal process through Keratin Regeneration, resulting in a stronger skin barrier - the secret to all healthy skin.

Your No-Fuss Routine

Skincare can be complicated and confusing, but honestly, who has the time... 

We created Herbal Essentials as your everyday, uncomplicated skincare routine, formulated with high-performing natural ingredients that actually work, but if your skin needs a little extra TLC, feel free to add a treatment serum into your routine too! 

So, forget about your 10-step skincare routine which - let’s be honest - is probably doing more harm than good, and take it back to basics.