We're incredibly proud to support The Citizens Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that works to bring about positive social change through the power of education in Pakistan.

We source our Himalayan Spring Water from the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan, and through its work with TCF, Herbal Essentials sponsors a purpose-built primary school just a few miles away in Muzaffarabad called the Chamankotli Campus.

This sponsorship allows 160 children to go to school and ensures that girls make up nearly 50% of overall student strength, whilst improving the quality of education through the provision of learning resources and teaching staff support.

About THE Citizens Foundation

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed, not-for-profit organisation set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 25 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organisations in the field of education for the less privileged. The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through purpose-built schools located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities. The organisation ensures that girls make up nearly 50% of overall student strength. To magnify its impact, improve enrollment and quality of education, TCF also adopts Government schools across Pakistan.

The Economist has called TCF "perhaps the largest network of independently run schools in the world." Today, TCF is the largest private employer of women in Pakistan, with 12,000+ all-female faculty. By adopting girl-centric policies from the start, TCF has been able to achieve gender parity in some of the most difficult rural slums and communities in Pakistan.

want to help? here's how

As a non profit organisation, The Citizens Foundation are always looking for new people to support their projects to bring education to more and more children. Visit The Citizens Foundation website (https://tcf-uk.org/)to discover more about this amazing charity and all the wonderful work they so or follow them on Instagram - @tcf.uk for regular updates!